Change of ownership


After 29 years Grethe og Jørgen Dinesen have decided to sell their majority shares in Dinex Group.

The majority share ownership will be taken over by their son Torben Dinesen. It is a successful change that the entire family is happy having completed and in conjunction with the change a brother and sister to Torben is also selling their shares. The shares in Dinex Group is hereafter owned by Torben Dinesen 81%,  Jørgen and Grethe Dinesen 15% and management 4%.

Grethe and Jørgen Dinesen started Dinex back in 1982. Jørgen came from a position as Sales - & Marketing director at Walker Tenneco with the primary focus on sales of exhaust systems for cars. He saw a niche that could be expanded; exhausts for heavy duty trucks, busses and industrial off road equipment. That was the start of Dinex. Together, Grethe and Jørgen laid out the foundation for a growth company.

Torben Dinesen started as a product manager in 1990 and has since then been involved in all parts of the company with special attention to product development, production, sales and establishment of new companies. In 2000 Jørgen and Grethe decided to step down from the daily duties to become board members of Dinex board and Torben took over the overall daily responsibility of the Group.

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