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We are happy to announce that the activities in AFT (Auto Filter Technology) in Gefrees, Germany, has been taken over by Dinex with effect from September 1st. 2011.

AFT has previously been involved with the development XP technology - high porosity ceramic filters of
silicon carbide in close cooperation with Notox Filters in Denmark.

Future development will be an integrated part of Dinex R&D activities managed from Dinex Emission
Technology, Middelfart Denmark.

Dinex is one of Europe`s leading manufacturers of complete exhaust systems solutions for heavy duty
diesel applications and Dinex intend to integrate the high porosity filters in its future product folio. Dinex is currently manufacturing and distributing Diesel particulate filters and SCR, based on metal substrates,
cordierite and re-crystalised silicon carbide.

The development work in Gefrees will continue to be headed by Dr. Thomas Wolf, who has served AFT and the development project for the last 15 years with direct reference to Director R&D, Lars Christian Larsen.

The development project for high porosity silicon carbide filters will be branded as DiSiC HP

Contacting details:

Dr. Thomas Wolff
Dinex Emission Technologies (Germany)
Bayreuther Straße 9
D-95482 Gerfrees
Phone (+49) 9254 27599 11
Mobile (+49) 175 934 6003
E-mail :

                        Lars Christian Larsen
Dinex A/S
Fynsvej 39
DK- 5500 Middelfart
Phone (+45) 64 4021229
Mobile (+45) 40 76 47 06

Denmark the 16th. of September 2011

Dinex A/S
Torben Dinesen
CEO Dinex Group

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