Dinex acquired Ecocat in 2013 turning Ecocat into Dinex Ecocat Oy. With the acquisition, the Dinex Group became the exclusive owner of all technologies and knowhow of Ecocat.

Any business relations engaged in by Dinex and Dinex Ecocat does not involve any sharing of technology or knowhow as Dinex wishes to solely control and protect its valuable knowhow.

Since Ecocat was started in 1994, Ecocat has been developing great competences within metal and ceramics substrates as well as wash coats for SCR, DPF, CNG and DOC.

 Ecocat was started by the chemical group Kemira, and has since been owned by different private equities until Dinex acquired the company in 2013.


The acquisition of Ecocat has brought valuable knowhow to Dinex on catalytic converters and particulate filters for diesel and gas-powered engines. This has enabled Dinex to differentiate significantly from  competitors by offering customers a complete emission system manufactured by one supplier, namely Dinex, thus saving customer’s time on coordinating with several suppliers.

Ecocat employed approx. 60 employees at the time it was acquired by Dinex. During Dinex’ ownership, the number of employees has increased to approx. 90 employees. Coating and substrate processes has also been introduced at Dinex facilities in China and US. uses cookies for the functionality on the website and to collect data. The cookie use includes and subdomains as and in all languages. Cookies are a small text-only string of information which is stored on your hard drive. The cookies are used to remember your choice. You can de-select cookies in your browser, if you want to avoid all cookies. If you de-select cookies on your browser can’t remember your choice and therefore you can’t use all of the features on the website. Read more about’s use of cookies here.