Eminizer - next generation emission technology


Dinex, a global exhaust and emission technology partner launches the new EminizerTM technology platform that reduces the size, weight, and cost of exhaust emission systems.

The new Eminizer™ technology combines a high porosity silicon carbide substrate (DiSiC-HP) with a multi-functional coating, which offers several and substantial benefits in terms of emission performance, while reducing the number of SCR catalyst units needed and allowing for significant downsizing of the after treatment system. 


A high performance Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) formulation coated on a metallic substrate provides NO2 to aid the regeneration of the filter function on the F-SCR unit, while a secondary and compact SCR unit combined with an ammonia slip catalyst assist the NOx control function.


The DiSiC-HP is outstanding in its ability to combine the multi-functional coating in particulate retention on mass and number, as well as NOx reduction in one and the same small unit. This functionality is vital for keeping future engines compliant to emission legislation in a compact design.


As a result, DiSiC-HP comes out lighter than former substrates – though the weight per litre is almost similar – simply because the size is dramatically reduced.


The Eminizer™ technology still allows for low backpressure and high thermal stability in design, higher mechanical strength than both traditional SiC and cordierite, and up to 40% reduced geometry compared to equivalent corderite materials.

Despite the very high porosity, the nature of Silicon Carbide still provides soot load capacity up to 2,5 times higher than similar cordierite technologies, helping  to prevent unnecessary regeneration events that would interrupt driving and put emission legislation compliance in danger. Dinex has a patent pending of the substrates/coating approach.


With “Eminizer™ Dinex leaps into the next generation of emission control strategies by developing, producing and integrating ceramic and metallic substrates along with powerful catalytic coatings and canning components resulting in a technology platform that can tackle the most stringent

emission norms.

By using Eminizer™ both engine & heavy duty vehicle manufacturers get 20–50% reduction in size, weight and cost of the exhaust emission system.

For further information, please contact

Kathrine Korsholm Jeppesen KKJ@dinex.dk, or phone +45 25472015

About Dinex

Dinex – from past to Future

The Dinex Group is a leading global manufacturer and distributor of innovative-engineered exhaust and emission control products and solutions for the heavy-duty diesel and gas engine industry. 


Dinex is the only emission technology partner worldwide where you only need to cooperate with one supplier.


  • Founded in 1982 by Grethe and Jørgen Dinesen
  • Torben Dinesen became CEO in 2000 and majority shareholder in 2011
  • Headquartered in Denmark
  • 1,200 employees
  • Production and sales facilities in Denmark, UK, Finland, Germany, Latvia, USA, Turkey, Russia, China – sales & distribution companies in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, UK, Poland, and Serbia


The Dinex Group is the only worldwide manufacturer of exhaust and emission products that has its own core technology and production platforms for substrates, coatings, components as well as complete system integration. Dinex produces in-house 95% of all the components of its after treatment systems


Dinex Technology Centre - an innovative R&D Centre - was completed in 2007 and is state of the art for advanced development and system integration of complete solutions for the industry. What makes the Dinex Group unique and superior is its own technology platform which enables the Dinex Group to develop its position as the world’s leading exhaust technology provider now and in the future.


The constantly growing portfolio of more than 20,000 part numbers represents everything from pipes, silencers, clamps, exhaust accessories, decoupling elements and insulation to advanced after treatment systems with own technologies of coating and substrates for DOC, DPF, SCR, POC, Oxicat, ASC, TWC and F-SCR.

The customers of the Dinex Group are worldwide on-road and off-road vehicle manufacturers equipped with medium-heavy duty to large diesel and gas engines as well as distributors of exhaust and emission spare parts for trucks and buses including retrofit solutions for environmental zones. Additionally, the Dinex Group serves large engine manufacturers with complete systems solutions for marine, rail, power generation, and off-road heavy-duty machinery.


Dinex Group dedication to the manufacturing of high quality products based on innovative technology platforms is driven by a high performance culture and a desire to continually break new grounds within the ever changing landscape of emission control products.


In order to service customers both globally and locally, the Dinex Group will continue its global expansion and its local effort within all regions to make decisions close to markets.

The Dinex Group strives to make the world a cleaner place by providing customers with pioneering technology and optimised systems.


For further information:

Please visit www.dinex.dk or contact:

Dinex A/S, Kathrine Korsholm Jeppesen KKJ@dinex.dk, or phone +45 25472015


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