Dinex is ready for growth journey


Strengthens its global SetUp.

Back to the starting point. It all started in 1977. Engines are now restarted but now with the turbo. Per H. Larsen starts as CSO (Chief Sales Officer) for the Dinex Group located in Middelfart and Jens Sørensen will support Dinex in a role as top advisor. Thereby, Dinex reunites two former exhaust experts, both well-known in the automotive industry. Larsen with a history at Bosal and Sørensen with an almost similar history at Walker. The history becomes even more special, as Jens Sørensen has been working together with Dinex’ founder Jørgen Dinesen (from 1977 and until the foundation of Dinex in 1982)

Today, everything is in the hands of the owner Torben Dinesen (son of the founder) who has added more speed to Dinex. In that regard, Dinex launches a new 2020 strategy plan for the future.

Today, Dinex is the market leader "second to none". "We collect the best of ourselves and expand it with new strong competences”, Torben Dinesen says. "I look forward to our new growth journey, which is supported by several newly defined optimization and implementation projects. The breakthrough does not come by itself, so now action is needed. That is why it is valuable for Dinex to have the opportunity to get two so professional and experienced specialists within the automotive business. Per as CSO and member of the Dinex group management to boost our aftermarket organization, and Jens on a freelance basis for general counseling across the organization. Jens has already moved a lot during the last months, whereas Per will start 20.6.2017. Now we are speeding up. Now we really have to go forward globally", Torben Dinesen concludes. 

Dinex manufactures and sells Exhaust and Emission systems to trucks, buses, vans and industrial vehicles. The company headquarter is located in Middelfart/Denmark. 95% of the product program is produced in-house. The company currently employs over 1.200 employees. Dinex’ activities are divided into 13 countries in USA, Russia, Asia and Europe. The turnover revenue is over 1 billion DKK.)

From the left Jens Sørensen, Torben Dinesen and Per H. Larsen. From the reception at Dinex in Denmark.

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