DOC - Diesel Oxidation Catalyst

The Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) coating applied for metallic and ceramic substrates is a hydrothermally durable composition which shows also high Sulphur resistance. The PGM loading levels and Pt:Pd ratios are designed to the specific needs of the application. For future HDD on-road applications, the NO2/NOx ratio is designed to be high to ensure the passive regeneration of the soot and the optimum DeNOx performance on the SCR catalyst. uses cookies for the functionality on the website and to collect data. The cookie use includes and subdomains as and in all languages. Cookies are a small text-only string of information which is stored on your hard drive. The cookies are used to remember your choice. You can de-select cookies in your browser, if you want to avoid all cookies. If you de-select cookies on your browser can’t remember your choice and therefore you can’t use all of the features on the website. Read more about’s use of cookies here.