All improvements that we make is based on improving our quality. We believe that Quality is the most important driver to achieve our goals as being able to gain our customers trust. Dinex production sites, supplying on-road automotive customers are certified according to TS 16949, but we comply with TS 16949 in all our processes, and use the TS 16949 standard to drive our quality performance. All Dinex production sites are as a minimum certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

As a prerequisite for good quality, we use APQP as our process model for all parts developed. We run the APQP process as a visual process to ensure that our designers, project managers, sales managers and production technicians all share the same data, and meet at common meetings to share information, not only to ensure cross-functional involvement, but also to ensure that customer specific requirements are understood and share all way through the value-chain, and the customer specific requirements are recognized and is worked into PFMEA´s and Control plan, to ensure that we at all times deliver what is expected from our customers.

We uses visual management all over, and strive to make information and facts available for the people involved in the process, to ensure that we can take decision at the point where it is needed.

Dinex quality system build on a life cycle model, where learnings from current production and customer feed-back is captured and brought into new product development, which is our way of ensuring that best practice is captured and shared. 

Dinex Production System

All Dinex factories are managed based on Dinex Production System (DPS), which is an operational excellence program based on Lean-Sigma principles.

DPS is a systematic way of solving problems using a shop floor management system.

The Dinex Production System ensure that we meet customer requirements on PPM levels and achieve an OTD of 98% in 2017. This improvement process will ensure that we continue to move even closer to this target and that you as the customer always receive your order on time every time. 

DPS has contributed to significant improvement of our production flow, eliminating the obstacles that lead to waste, inflexibility and lack of conformity, and we are continuously increasing our targets to ensure that we never stop improving. Visual management is used at all levels and in all department within the Dinex group. This way we follow all our activities closely and we take correct action when needed.


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