Particulate Emission Control Products


Our range of DPF products are the result of continuous development and in-house technology knowhow. DiSiC-HP products come in a wide variety of sizes both round and squared shapes. The porosity level can be adjusted from 58% up to 65%.

Core features which this cutting edge product exhibits:
  • >99% PN reduction (58% and 16µm pore diameter)
  • Low specific weight at a good thermal shock parameter
  • Mechanically durable at high porosity level
  • Ability to receive high wash coat loadings  
  • Low backpressure under soot load

Available cell densities: 150cpsi, 200cpsi, 300cpsi


Dinex also offers a compact and cost effective solution in the form of POC for applications requiring modest PM conversion levels.

POC is a metallic open channel structure which offers low backpressure, compact design, easy integration, and can reach PM conversions up to 60%.

POC is designed for passive regeneration strategy and is available in a wide variety of sizes with a standard cell density of 330 cpsi. uses cookies for the functionality on the website and to collect data. The cookie use includes and subdomains as and in all languages. Cookies are a small text-only string of information which is stored on your hard drive. The cookies are used to remember your choice. You can de-select cookies in your browser, if you want to avoid all cookies. If you de-select cookies on your browser can’t remember your choice and therefore you can’t use all of the features on the website. Read more about’s use of cookies here.