Dinex in Middelfart strength the global competitiveness


Dinex in Middelfart Denmark will in the future use resources in Denmark to develop advanced exhaust and emissions systems for trucks and construction equipment. Production in Denmark will be transferred to production plants within the group which are closer to the main markets in which Dinex sells those products.

The Danish production

In the last several years, production in Denmark has been declining as the Group has established activities closer to customer locations. The strategic decision to relocate production from Denmark means a transfer of production jobs from Middelfart Denmark to existing production facilities in Latvia, Turkey, USA and Finland. This transfer will make it possible to consolidate production at fewer sites, creating critical mass and making certain that Dinex can deliver competitive high quality products.


"We are now in a negotiation process with our staff regarding the estimated 65 jobs that will be impacted” Torben Dinesen, CEO says.


Global competitiveness

"This decision has been one of the most difficult in my career", Torben Dinesen continued. "Middelfart is my hometown – so that we should say goodbye to the production, where it all started, and to so many good and skilled employees has given me many sleepless nights. At the same time, we have started different initiatives, to help the impacted employees.


We have not been satisfied with the business development in 2014. By consolidating production sites, Dinex will have the ability to focus on a global production set-up that reflects the market in which Dinex operates today. Sales in Denmark are extremely limited, and therefore it is necessary to think global and have less production plants.


Right now, we see a recession in Europe but an improved market in China and the United States. Our global manufacturing platform needs to reflect this reality so we make sure that we will be competitive in the future, and justify investment in new products.”


The full relocation of production is expected to be completed during July 2015.


Jobs will remain in Middelfart:


Dinex wants to continue to be the leader in new product solutions to ensure that customer products meet the authorities' increasing demand for energy-efficient combustion and minimal emissions. Dinex in Middelfart will continue as the headquarters and technology center for the entire Dinex Group.


Dinex in Middelfart will continue to include Sales, development, R&D, test center, central warehouse, IT and Group administration departments totaling about 70 employees.


Launched an innovation in the autumn:

Dinex is in front! They have showed that in the autumn, when they presented the Eminizer ™ concept model at IAA transport exhibition in Germany. Eminizer ™ is a complete emission exhaust system that meets the emission requirements that are expected to be introduced in 2019.  The new system is around 50% smaller and lighter than previous systems. Already five months after its introduction, Dinex is in serious development negotiations with 5-6 of the major truck manufacturers in the world.


About Dinex:

Dinex develops and produces exhaust and emission solutions for OEM truck and construction equipment suppliers worldwide, as well as spare parts and exhaust retrofit systems on heavy vehicles.  Dinex operates in more than 15 countries and has a global production set up in the United States, China, Russia and Europe. Dinex has approximately 1300 employees worldwide and a turnover in 2014 of almost 1 billion Danish kroner.




CEO, Torben Dinesen

Tel .: + 45 63 41 25 00

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