Política de Calidad

The Dinex Group is determined to be the leading exhaust and emission system manufacturer. We recognise that realising this ambition demands quality consciousness as well as reliable manufacturing and partnership. 

We aim at; 
• Zero defect products.
• On time delivery.
• Products which meet or exceed expectations of our customers.
• Professional and rapid handling of customer claims, with a minimum of inconvenience to our customers.

• Proactively seek to prevent claims through continuous improvement of our Quality Management System.

Customer Focus
We work dedicated on creating value for our customers by exercising the highest degree of quality awareness into everything we do. 
We achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty by carefully identifying and understanding their requirements and expectations to Dinex.

Retaining our customer’s trust is key to the Dinex Group and we are committed to ensure an efficient claim handling system.

Employees are empowered to meet quality objectives through monitoring, planning, and continuous improvement. We expect that employees take responsibility and report any defects. 

Continuous Improvement
The Dinex Group is committed to continuously improve the quality of our products and services. 
In the Dinex Group, we constantly strive to do it better, and we formulate and review our quality objectives on a continuous basis. 

We expect that our employees never compromise quality and show commitment to our quality standards, as the Dinex Group believes that this is a prerequisite for being a leading exhaust and emission system manufacturer and having satisfied and loyal customers.

Dinex Quality House

Only the best is good enough in Dinex. We achieve this through a structured approach based on the principles in the Dinex Quality House.

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