Clamps and Fittings for Exhaust Systems

Clamps & Fittings

Dinex designs and manufactures high quality clamps for connecting exhaust components. Our long-term experience enables us to provide custom designs tailored to suit your clamping requirements.

We can offer high strength, low weight clamps for demanding applications such as those at elevated temperatures requiring gas-tight joints. Furthermore, we can give technical support in the form of product data, FEA, CFD as well as we apply competences from our extensive test facilities such as our in-house hot-shaker tests. 

We have a standard range of clamps available from stock. To find details of these please, refer to our Dinex Aftermarket Truck Catalogue or the Dinex Universal Catalogue available online.

Our product portfolio includes:

  • V-clamps
  • Gaskets
  • Fabricated Pipe Collars / Flares (for V-joints)
  • Flex Pipe connection clamps
  • Fuel Tank and Muffler straps
  • Heat Shield mounting clamps
  • DPF/SCR clamps
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