Right quality - robust solutions

When quality deviations are identified and issues are raised by the customer, Dinex uses the so-called team oriented problem solving (TOPS) approach. A team  carries out containment actions and sets up any firewall needed to ensure that  products fully meet customer requirements.

The team carries out root-cause problem solving, and identifies, implements and inspects corrective actions carried out on the shop floor, and that any solutions are fully comprehensive. Improvement within Dinex pays close attention to detail, thereby minimising the risk of any recurring issues and ensuring that customer expectations are met.  

Dinex Production System:

Any improvements made as a result of dealing with customer complaints are made locally. They are also supported by group procedures and processes managed by our Vice President for Production & Quality, Mr. Poul-Henrik Jørgensen, and our newly appointed Quality Assurance Manager Mr. Kristian Kaufmann. The Dinex Production System, which is an operational excellence system based on Lean-Sigma principles, is used in the handling of customer complaints. All Dinex employees involved in dealing with customer complaints are fully trained and have excellent knowledge and understanding of ISO/TS 16949 standards and ways of working. 

Dinex is adopting an increasingly professional approach to dealing with non-conformities and complaints. Standardised processes, Team Oriented Problem Solving, and 8D methodology are creating a Dinex culture that meets  the requirements of an OEM Tier 1 supplier. 


 Poul-Henrik Jørgensen, MBA.                Kristian Kaufmann

VP Production & Quality                             Quality Assurance Manager.  

Extensive experience in Lean-Sigma            8 years’ operational experience in   

in the automotive industry.                         the Dinex Group and in Lean and

30 years’ operational experience                 Quality Management.

in global organisations.                              Contact: krk@dinex.dk  

Contact: phj@dinex.dk                            

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