Exhaust System Manufacturing in Turkey

Dinex Test and Validation Centre

Dinex Test & Validation Centre is located in Middelfart, Denmark. The Test & Validation Centre includes:
- Two engine dynamometers
- One chassis dynamometer
- One sound chamber
- One flow rig along with measurement equipment for gas and particulate emissions, and for sound and vibration analysis.

Engine dynamometers:

Dinex has two Horiba transient engine dynos. One heavy-duty D600 and one medium-duty T250.

The D600 can handle engines up to 3.950 Nm, 600kW and 4.500rpm, while the T250 is suited for engines up to 718Nm, 250kW and 8.000rpm.

Both dynos can run all stationary and transient cycles and a full library of emissions test cycles (ESC, ETC, ISO8178 etc) is available in the Horiba STARS system used for complete control of the test facility.

Chassis dynamometer:

Dinex has a heavy-duty chassis dyno. The chassis dyno has a 72” (1.83m) single roller design with a central electrical motor. The chassis dyno can handle vehicles from 800 kg up to 30 tonnes inertia, 470kW continuous and 600 kW peak wheel power.

The chassis dyno is equipped to run emission cycles similar to the engine dynos or cycles developed specifically for chassis dynos (FIGE, Braunschweig, FTP, NRTC, etc).


Emissions measurement:

For measurement of gaseous emissions Dinex use a Horiba MEXA-6000FT and a AVL SESAM i60FT gas analyser, which can measure multi-components in the exhaust gas (NO, NO2, N2O, NH3, CO, CO2 etc) online continuously and simultaneously using Fourier transformation infrared spectroscopy.

For measurement of particulate emissions Dinex uses measurement equipment for particulate number and size. The equipment is an EECPC for Particulate Number (according to the PMP protocol) and an EEPS (transient SMPS) for Particulate Size Distribution.

Dinex also has a Horiba MDT-905 analyser which measures particulate mass online and continuously using tapered element oscillating microbalance (TEOM), a micro weighing technology that provides true mass measurements.

Exhaust System Testing - Dinex Technology Center
Sound chamber:

Dinex has a 920 m3 reverberation chamber for sound power measurements in accordance with ISO 3741-1 and attenuation measurements in accordance with ISO 11820 in an expanded frequency range from 50 Hz up to 10 kHz.

The sound measurement and engine dyno control are integrated for automated tests of exhaust systems or complete vehicles up to 20 m3 in size, while conducting attenuation measurements in 1/3 octave bands, near-field FFT measurements and RPM sweep measurements with wave file recording using Brüel & Kjær analyzer and microphones.

Flow rig:

Dinex has a flow acoustic test rig for detailed verification of acoustic exhaust system design, as well as backpressure, ejector and flow distribution measurements.

The centrifugal fan delivers silenced airflow up to 44 kg/h @ 5,5 kPa or 73 kg/h @ 1,7 kPa in Ø 127 mm pipe work. The 6 neodymium loudspeakers are driven with stepped sine from 50 Hz to 2 kHz. The acoustic transfer matrix of exhaust elements is obtained for either transmission loss or insertion loss calculations.


Vibration Test Equipment:

Dinex has vibration test equipment for doing fatigue and lifetime tests at real temperature conditions.

The vibration test equipment consists of a 70 kN shaker (ETS MPA714) with slip table (ETS M748) for doing vibration tests of a complete exhaust system in all three directions while the hot gas keeps the exhaust system at normal operating conditions.

Static load: 1.000 kg Sine and random force: 68.6 kN Shock force: 137.3 kN Frequency range: 5 Hz – 2 kHz Max. acceleration: 100 g @ sine and 40g @ random Max. displacement (peak-peak): 51 mm (continuous), 63 mm (shock) Cycles: Random, sine (constant, sweeps, SoS), SoR, shock and bump tests Temperature: constant up to 650 °C VibrationView control software and three VR9 modules  from VibrationResearch Impact hammer, accelerometers, calibrator and Analyser with PULSE software (B&K)


Layout of Dinex Test & Validation Centre in Denmark:

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